high country forge



Introducing heat of over 1000 degrees Celsius to the steel enables the artist to virtually have total control of the end result.   Unlike many modern techniques for cutting, shaping, welding and joining of steel, forging opens up a whole new world.

The artist blacksmith enters into a space where the medium becomes plastic and malleable… shape, form and texture come alive…with the imagination the only real limit!


From hand forged nails to large public projects, the prospect of a new commission can often bring on the challenges and rewards paralleled only by the forging itself! From the initial conception, through to installation, Richard enjoys the process of working with clients’ visions. Whether from a blank canvas or taking on board and working with surrounding features, themes and ideas, high country forge offers a unique opportunity to have both functional and artistic pieces come to realisation.

With confident expertise and a range of equipment at hand, the forge is capable of taking on diverse projects both locally and interstate. Working collaboratively with developers, architects, artists and various agencies, Richard ensures a fluid process throughout.